[YouTube] Althea Base Makeup Box

by - Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hello everyone~

I have some YouTube videos updated in my channel but for this Base Makeup Box from Althea, I really have to recommend it to all of you.

Well, I'm a bit sad to let you all know that the Base Makeup Box was out of stock currently. But there's always a new beauty box coming out soon from them. Please do stay tune to their upcoming Althea box.

Actually there were 3 Althea Box for this month and Base Makeup Box was one of it. Managed to grab the box although it was sold out in a very fast speed. I guess everyone was waited for it.

The main good point of the box is...every products came in full size. And there are seven products in total for the box. Imagine how awesome is it! I was very amazed by the content in the box. And the price of it was even awesome, all these seven products only cost me RM121.00.

The content of the box:
Free Gift: Witch's Pouch Stripe Pouch
1. Milky Dress Trill Beige Silky Velvet Primer
2. Witch's Pouch Triple Cover Glow Foundation (No.23)
3. A:Concept All-in-one Brightening A:Cushion (No.23)
4. Secret Key Natural Daily Pure Sunstick
5. A:Concept A:Concealer
6. Aritaum Real Ampoule Color Corrector (Peach, Mint, Purple)
7. Mamonde Flower Essential Mask Rose Moisturizing

*Watch my video for more details of the box contents~*
Now you know the reason why it was out of stock!
It's such a super good deal! 
Strongly recommended for all of you!

Definitely the best beauty box for my Xmas!
That's all for my update.
Hope you all like it.
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