Ridley's Diary [9]: Happy Month of June

by - Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hi there~
It's been a long time since I updated some random diary to talk about my life.
It's been a busy year, few busy months and many busy days and here I am, sitting down and writing about my recent daily life.

It's July now and time really does fly way too fast. June was gone and now it's almost mid of July! How I wish time can goes slower so I can achieve more things during this year.

Enough with all the opening speech because...
For this post, I just wanna to show off  share with you all about the presents I got because last month was my birthday month, so I just wanted to share about it. The other reason that I decided to write this post is because for this year I really received a lot of loves and presents from my family, friends and boyfriend. SO I REALLY HAVE TO WRITE DOWN AND SHARE MY HAPPINESS IN THIS POST! :)

As you all know, I dyed my hair with three colors before my birthday with grey + purple + blue, which made it a very nice galaxy hair color. I was so amazed with the color because it was beyond my expectation and it was the best birthday present ever for myself.

Yup, I got a Nintendo 3DS for my birthday. The only person that will give me such an expensive present... is my boyfriend. I really never thought that he will buy one for me because I said I wanna play Harvest Moon. The funny thing was, he actually planned to give me the present on my birthday but I found the parcel first in his room, so the whole surprise just gone. lolz. I actually wanted to post about the Nintendo 3DS when I got it, but my boyfriend wanted me to post it on my birthday to show that I got it on my birthday but at the end, I forgot to post it. Lolz.

We had a very simple early dinner at Souled Out too just to celebrate my birthday. It's kinda sad that he cannot celebrate my birthday on the exact date but he said he will buy me more presents in the future. :)

Ordered our favorite dish on that day too!

Since we can't finish a cake, so he bought 2 slices of cake from Chateraise for me. I didn't chose the Strawberry cake because the previous strawberries were sour. So for my birthday, I just choose something sweet. Actually there's a video about he was singing the birthday song and I blew out the candles on the cake, but the video turned out to be somehow like horror movie so I guessed I will just keep it to myself. Lolz.

Thank you my boy, for so much love, plans and presents. I promise you that I will buy you present for your birthday~ hehe.

For all these years, I was very "low profile" about my birthday. So people kinda don't know when is my birthday and I will just go through it like any normal days. Until this year, finally there were few people who remember my birthday. (Cry die me)

My best best colleagues and friends, thanks to them for remembering my birthday and celebrate with me. Since there were 2 more June birthday babies, so my friends decided to celebrate our birthday together. At first, we decided to have dinner at a restaurant at Puchong, but somehow we could not make it because we were OT until quite late hour. In the end, we just went to some nearby Korean restaurant to fill up our hungry tummy.

Ordered Kimbap.

And Dalgakbi for dinner.

Then we decided to head for second round at Alexis and they have live band on that day. Ordered some cakes and drinks for the night! Really have to thank them for the dinner and present. It was rare to have friends to celebrate my birthday, I was happy~

As for my family, my mom bought a cake for me and my dad. My birthday was always on the same week with Father's day, so we normally celebrate Father's day together with my birthday. It's always a happy moment whenever I'm with family. Thank you.

Then, I had a birthday lunch date with my other friends from a "faraway department". They brought me to a restaurant in Pavilion and had a simple lunch date.
My birthday was full of food. :)

They bought me a tiny cute little cake! :)
Thank you for the cake and the lunch~ 

Last but not least, my dear team mates and my two bosses. 
Thanks for celebrating my birthday (T__T)
Thanks for the cake, the lunch and present!
It is good to have you all! :)

Time to show off to share my birthday presents!
I am a happy girl.
Thank you! <3

I got this very cute souvenirs all the way from Hong Kong.
It's my favorite Gudetama!
Thank you Chua~ <3

Another Gudetama from my sister also.
I love you sister. <3

That's all about my birthday. 
Sorry about being so "high profile" about my birthday this year. hehe.
Maybe in the future when I look back into this post, I will recall all these happy moments.

Some souvenir snacks and snacks I bought from vending machine,
There goes my birthday month and now it's July. Everything is back to normal and I will look forward to the coming days. There's still 6 months left for year 2016, I have to be more hardworking to achieve the goal I set at the beginning of the year. 

I found another photo of the gift I received from CFO during our Team Building.
Maybe one day I will review on this? :)

Thank you for reading my very long random post.

That's all for this post.

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