Shizens Glamouresque Workshop and Glamouresque Collection II

by - Friday, June 03, 2016

Hello people~
For this post, I will be talking about the Shizens new collection.

Shizens actually launched their new collection -- Glamouresque Collection II during the early April 2016. I was lucky enough to be able to join their Shizens Glamouresque Workshop which was held at Shizens Store, Pavilion on the other day. 

For me, Shizens is a new brand for me to explore because I never own or use any of their products yet, not until that day when I went for their workshop. I always heard about the brand, but never actually learn about the products in more details. Therefore, this workshop was like giving me a chance to learn more about Shizens and their newly launched Glamouresque Collection II.

The whole workshops was mainly focus on their new collection as well as few of their star products. And of course, one lucky blogger was their model of the day for the makeup makeover by using Shizens products.

When I was at the workshop, on the table, there were the products placed nicely on the table for us to try on. According to what I learned from the staff, for their skin care products, the pink color bottle was suitable for younger age-skin and the white color bottle was more suitable for mature age-skin. 

While looking at the makeover presentation, all of the attendees actually had the chance to try out all their products on the table. Started from cleansing until makeup, it was nicely explained and taught by the beauty trainer during the workshop.

All of us were given a small mirror and a new set of brush so that we can apply the makeup products onto our face. 

During the session, I was a bit surprised that I had to remove my makeup on the spot to try on their products. Never expected that though, so I just removed all my makeup unwillingly except my eyebrows' makeup. So starting from Cleasing until Skin Care and Makeup, I almost tried all their products on the table but for this post, I will just choose few products to review.

Skin Care Products

Aqua Cleanze
First step of the workshop, I have to actually cleanse my face by using this Aqua Cleanze recommended by the staff there. She explained to me that by using this products, it can cleanse out the dirt and excessive sebum on my face. Since it was Aqua Cleanze, it provide sufficient moisture to keep skin supple and fresh.

Aqua Mist
Aqua Mist is the easiest to apply on your face. Basically you just have to spray it evenly on your face and pat softly until it was fully absorbed by your skin. For this products, it will form a moisturizing protective layer on your face so that it can provide the sufficient moisture level to your skin.

Hydro Fair
"Hydro Fair instantly inhibits the tyrosinase and melanocyte activities to stop pigmentation process. Coenzyme Q10 and various botanical extracts work in synchronize to decrease the aging process and wrinkle formation. It preps the skin for moisturizing and nutrition absorbing process."

Everyone need a good moisturizer to pamper our skin. For example like me, I always stay in air-cond room during working hours and night time. My skin was terribly dry, therefore, a good moisturizer can be very helpful to re-hydrates my skin. For Hydro Fair, simply apply a layer upon essence and the  moisturizer should be applied thicker at night.
Make Up Products
Sheer Tint Foundation
Formulated with a unique WOW technology (Water-in-Oil-in-Water), where the water molecules are double coated to provide the skin with extra moisture and hydration, Sheer Tint Foundation is suitable for people who stay most indoor with air-cond. It can last up to 8 hours without clogging your skin pores. 

Aqua Pore Perfection
After applied the foundation, next will be the Aqua Pore Perfection. The best thing about this products was it' provides weightless and build-able coverage. Which means you can apply few layers more to achieve the flawless skin effect. It also contained Vitamin A, E and F to stimulate the immunity for a healthy skin glow, retain the natural moisture of skin and reflect the damages from UVB ray.

Lip Tattoo
This is one of their star products. When the beauty trainer showed us how to use this, I was totally amazed by the effects. As you can see, it was white in color, but after you apply it onto your skin, the color changes according to your pH and body temperature. If you have higher body temperature, the color will become more red. And it was said to be very long lasting, however you might need to apply another layer of lip balm or lip gloss to moisture your lip. With this, you will no longer need to worry about your lip color fading after a long hours or after enjoying your meal and drink. And FYI, this lip tattoo can be apply on your cheeks as blusher. The theory works the same, so when you apply on your cheeks, remember to wipe of the excess Lip Tattoo, if not, you will have a really red cheeks on that day.

Eye Charm
Another star product of Shizens, the Eye Charm. I was amazed by this product too! It's just a savior to girls that have short eye lashes like me. According to the product description, "Eye Charm is formulated with a blend of fiber and Panthenol (Pro-vitamin B5) that enhances the texture of lashes. Eye Charm is clump free, able to stimulate lashes growth and magnify lashes length with curve." After you applied your mascara, apply the Eye Charm to extend your lases length. It is build-able, so you can apply few layers to get a longer length of eye-lashes.

The results of applying Eye Charm.

I applied almost 3 layers of the Eye Charm.

So my eye lashes length was double longer than before.
No longer need any fake eyelashes when you owned a Eye Charm.
With it, you may apply it to get natural long lashes.

The partner of Eye Charm. Before apply Eye Charm, you have to apply a layer of Mascara first. The Mascara can volume up your eye lashes, and if you pair it with Eye Charm, you will have a longer eye lashes. As for removing the mascara, Shizens Mascara can be easily removed by washing with water, it is not necessary to remove it with make up remover.

So after the full makeup with Shizens Products~


Sorry for the blurred photos, the "Before" is just a normal me with normal common makeup. So after the makeup with Shizens products, I can clearly see the results of the makeup. I was truly satisfy with the eyelashes and the lip makeup. The eye lashes was so natural, the lip color also very natural. Everything is just nice~ And in the "After" photo, my skin seems to be more flawless compared to the "Before" photo. I applied the Lip Tattoo on my cheek too, but it was not really obvious in photo. 

Some photo of the workshops when everyone was trying on the products.

The few products that I used during the workshop.

Really thanks to Shizens for having the workshop! I really learned a lot from the workshop. There will be two products review for Shizens coming up soon in my blog. So please stay tuned to my blog for the review post.

For more products info, you may visit the below links:
Shizens Official Website:

Don't forget to visit The Butterfly Project Page too!

That's all for this post.

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