Althea Bake & Shop Party with The Butterfly Project

by - Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hello everyone~
If you are following any of my social media, you should see the photos I posted during end of April when I attended the Althea Bake and Shop Party with The Butterfly Project!

This was my first time joining party hosted by The Butterfly Project and Althea.
Thank you for the invitation to this awesome pastel cute pink birthday party!

The venue for this party was at Delectable by Su, Glasshouse Seputeh.
I lost my way when looking for the venue because I never went there before and the GPS was leading me towards all the small roads and I was lost. However, I still managed to find the venue, so it was fine~

Super surprise that they actually prepared this mini pink apron for everyone.
Super kawaii and nice~

I was a bit late to the event because I was having my language exam before the party.
Was kinda rush on that day with the super tight schedule.
When I reached the venue, Tammy was giving the welcome speech to everyone.

The first activity of the day -- BB Deco Cushion!
My first time decorating my own BB cushion, super excited but at the same time don't know where to start. My DIY skill is not that good so I was kinda blur at that moment. The deco materials was provided by Althea and it was cute. Just that I was afraid that I will ruin it because I was not good in DIY things.

After spending almost one hour, I was done with my BB Deco Cushion.
Luckily it turned out quite good so I felt a bit relieved.

Maybe the materials were cute, so when I put it all together, everything just fitted in and looked cute.
I was having so much fun decorating my own BB Cushion.
By seeing the end result, it just made me felt... HAPPY~

Moved on to tea break because I finished decorating my BB Cushion.
Saw this cute decorated cake and it was so cute.
At first I thought it was decoration until I saw people scooped out the cake.
I never thought it was edible at first.

The food and coffee I had in that evening.
My BB Cushion just fitted into any of my photos.

And then it was shop and selfie time!
It was the best activity on that day because all of us were given RM 150 credit to spend on Althea. Our account was credited with the credit amount and we can use it to buy whatever we want on Althea website within 30 minutes. 

I bought four items using the credits.
Received the pink Althea box after 1 week ++  all the way from Korea.

If you need to shop for beauty products, you may visit their website.
Althea Link:

After that, they have the Lucky Dip session and all of us got something from it.
So many gifts in one day!

Then, it was the judging time for BB Deco Cushion.
Everyone put their nicely decorated BB Cushion on the table for the judging time.

Judging Time!

And I actually won a Tony Moly Tightening Cooling Pack.
Felt proud of you, my BB Cushion!

And I got the Egg Mousse Pack with my selfie during the Shop and Selfie session.
Thank you Thank you Thank you.

You can see how many things were in my hand when I took this photo with Tammy~
It was not my birthday but I received so many gifts from this party.

It's been 2 years ++ since I joined The Butterfly Project (so much memories~~). It was so great to be part of the butterfly family. Felt thankful because by joining the community, I learned a lot about beauty and met a lot of great people. Felt happy to be able to join the Butterfly Project's 3rd Birthday Party too.

Happy Birthday, The Butterfly Project!

That's all for this post.

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