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by - Thursday, June 25, 2015

Today's topic will be slightly different from the previous post as I will be talking about Relationship...for LOVE~

I was motivated by reading through all the articles about love and relationship on social media platforms, therefore I am here to comment a bit on all the relationship thingy based on my opinion and point of view.

* Don't worry, there will not be a lot of photos in this post as I don't want to ‘闪到你们的眼睛’. lol.
Based on all the readings recently, I have concluded the 5 main important needs? to keep a relationship going well.

1. Happiness

I guess every couple should be happy instead of sad and angry when be together including me and my boy... There will be no point to continue on a relationship if both of us are not happy. In order to be a happy couple, both have to have the ability to make each other happy such as, by telling jokes, by giving presents, by going out together and so on... So the relationship won't be bored as time goes on.

2. Comfortable
This came in as a second place in my list because for me, I wish to be comfortable when I'm with my boy. I want to be the real me instead of acting the flawless me in front of my boy, which I think it will be super exhausted. I have read some cases which the boyfriend never see her girlfriend's naked face and that's so ridiculous. I can't imagine I'm with makeup all the time when I'm with my boy, that is so not comfortable. It's better to be yourself, your boy/girl love the real you, not the fake you. If they only look at your fake side, it's better to stop the relationship.

3. Trust
Trust between each other is very important. Who wants a girlfriend/boyfriend that keep on suspect you when you are not together with him/her. It's very tiring to have doubt on each other for a long period. Doubting each other brings no good to the relationship. It only worsen up when days pass by. So it's better to build up the trust in your relationship, so the love will stays strong.

4. Tolerance
Tolerance is a must in a relationship. Of course you can have your win-win situation, but not all the time. Sometimes, when it comes to argument, one side have to be tolerance. Of course when your boy/girl apologizes, the other half should understand instead of continue on the arguments. Sometimes, a little bit of tolerance can calm certain arguments so that it will end in a good way.

5. Don't be over-control
Most of the couples always complained the other half being over-control to their life which causes them to have lesser freedom. I've met this issue few times before, being restricted to do what I like and it makes me so frustrated and annoyed. Even your girl/boy have their own hobby, so just let them be... Don't restrict them from doing what they like so that can have more time to accompany you. Just to be true, being too sticky or dependent to each other will make each other suffocate too. Try to have your own personal time to do your own things, so you can have your own freedom.

For me, these 5 elements will definitely strengthen the relationship.
It's not an easy things to achieve because it needs the efforts from both sides.
However, if you can achieve the 5 elements, will be a great achievements in your relationship.

That's all from my updates.
Apologize for super long and wordy updates. lol.

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