Welcome to my new blog!

by - Thursday, January 05, 2012

Welcome to my old new blog everyone.

So here's the reason and what exactly happen to my lovely previous blog:
Actually i was blogging on berryridley.blogspot.com....before.
But due to some technical problem, I decided to shift my blog to this new blog.
So, I officially said:"bye bye~" to my previous blog.

So many nice memories there with lots of pictures and photos. 
But due to some problems occurring at the picasa web photo album, I was like:" WTF, my photos~~~". My photos from million years ago disappeared just in a second and i'm lazy to upload it again since it's was all those old picture and it's A LOT. LOL.

Now my old blog is just an empty blog without pictures.

So again,
"Welcome to my new blog! Please visit my blog frequently if you are free"

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