Friday, February 20, 2015

Gong Xi Fa Cai @ 2015

Hello people!

Gong Xi Fa Cai, Happy Chinese New Year!

It's another new year for all the Chinese around the globe and hereby I wish you a have a prosperity year ahead and earn more money. Huat arh!!!

So as for your knowledge, this current year will be the year of goat, therefore you probably can see all the goat decorations at mostly all the shopping malls. When it came to new year, every tv channel will be showing some zodiac fortune teller kinda show and I saw that Monkey and Dragon were the best zodiac this year by having good luck in everything such as career, relationship, finance and health. Since my zodiac is monkey, I hope I will have a good year. lol.

As for other people, I wish you all a very lucky year ahead and stay healthy! Huat arh!

Last but not least, Gong Xi Fa Cai again to everyone and Happy Holiday.

Happy Chinese New Year!
Thank you.

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Comic Fiesta 2014 - Day 2

Hello people!
It's me again for another new post update on Comic Fiesta 2014. Since it's already the end of February, I have to clear all the CF post before moving into the next one!

My sister and I.

At day 2, my sister and I cosplay the Kanata and Mirai in T-shirt ver. Actually we wanted to cosplay their yukata version but some accidents happened and we didn't make it so that version will be in the next photoshoot. Started the day helping at Danny's booth, since we wore something much casual, it was more relax and easier to walk around.

Met Kotori at the booth but he's no longer the cute Kotori. 

After we spent the whole morning at Danny's booth, we decided to leave the booth and walked around the event. The main reason I wanna have the half day to walk around was basically because of the Square Enix talk session which was happening right at the main stage. Luckily my sister and I both have tags so we were allowed to enter the main stage area.

For more Square Enix talk session, please refer to the link below:

Met Eclair on the way to main stage and took a photo with her.

This picture was quite trending at that time. They even print it out for photo decoration.

Met this super kawaii + huge Rilakkuma doll outside the hall.

I also saw the super rare Sun Wukong cosplay there too!

Before the Square Enix session, I went and support my brother at the game booth. He was on of the top 10 to enter the final. Although he didn't manage to win the prize, still he did a good job.

Loitering around the doujin booths area and there was so crowded.

The super kawaii badge that I spotted once I entered the doujin booth area. They got sell the super cute ducky badge.

The greatest achievement of that day, I attended the Square Enix talk session.

Right after the talk, I met one of my long-time-no-see friend outside the hall, the ideator for DiGiCFC last year. Updated some long lost information from him about the DiGiCFC.

After that, I went for the prizing ceremony of the game booth to help my brother took some photos.

Randomly took a photo of GSC booth but why the shelf so empty? sobs.

The Culture Japan booth at the late evening.

Big mushroom spotted loitering around the event area.

Personal thoughts:
Didn't get to spend much time with friends and all I did was doing the things I need to do during the event such as helping at the booth and attended the Square Enix Talk Session. It was a totally different kinda experiences for me because normally I will walk around at the event. It felt like I missed out a lot of fun stuffs during the event. I hope that next year will be better for me and I definitely will walk around more at the event to experience more on the fun side if the whole event.

So I will be concluding my CF post here. Sorry for the lack of photos and I promise it will be better for this year CF 2015. Next post will probably be the Culture Japan Night 2014, please do look forward to it.

Thank you.

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Comic Fiesta 2014 - Day 1

Hello people!

Time does fly much more faster than I thought, it's February now. Looking back at my pending post and I think it's time for me to clear all of it first, lol.

Today post will be about the year end event last year, Comic Fiesta. It's a event that held every end of the year and it's the biggest ACG event in Malaysia. The event venue was the same as year 2013, which is KLCC Convention Centre and for this time, the event was even bigger than previous years.
I was really anticipated for the event as it had a bigger venue, more activities and booths which means I will have more things to see and take photos. 

However, this CF was a bit special for me because both my sister and I were helping Mr. Danny at his booth for Day 1 and half day for Day 2. 

So my job at the booth was kinda easy because I just need to guard at the exit. There's a lot of people visiting the booths and purchasing merchandises in the morning, people even lining up in a long queue, so it's extremely busy during morning time. After most of the merchandises sold out, the crowd tends to become smaller and it means I had some leisure time to grab my camera and wandered around the booth.

Extremely in love with the smart dolls.

I heard the display set were sold at a cheaper price too.


This was the gorgeous among the others.

Cheongsam looked good on them too.
I was totally attracted by the smart dolls. They were just too adorable and gorgeous. Seems like it's time for me to save money and get one too.

Other than smart dolls, there were a lot of other cosplayers dressing up nicely on that day. The above photo showed one of the special cosplay I saw during Day 1. They were around the booth so I managed to capture a photo of them.

But in the end, I successfully took a photo with Mirai.

A photo with Emily. She was helping at the booth too.

A photo with pretty Ying-Tze.

Took photo with Jinnyboy when I saw him taking photos of smart doll.

A photo with Kotori who was helping at the booth too.

A photo with David who was the photographer on that day.

A photo with Nero who was passed by the booth.

Found my twins, Soo Weai

A photo with my university mate, TK.

Personal thoughts: 
During Day 1 of CF 2014, I couldn't walk around the event as much as previous years. Therefore my photos were all taken nearby the booth. As I had my duty to help at the Culture Japan Booth, I have to get my duty done properly. However, it was a nice and special experiences too because it was my first time helping at a booth. Although it was tiring standing there whole day, I met a lot of friends and people there.  

That's all for CF 2014 Day 1 update.
Please look forward to cf 2014 Day 2 update soon.

That's all.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Square Enix at Comic Fiesta 2014!

Hello people!
It's a bit late but here's the summary of what I got from Square Enix talk at Comic Fiesta!
I bet everyone was familiar with 'Square Enix' because of the games they produced. Honestly, I knew about Square Enix on the day I knew about Final Fantasy. I knew about Final Fantasy since almost 10 years ago. SO when I knew that Square Enix will be having a talk at Comic Fiesta, I decided to attend it no matter what. 

The History and Future of Final Fantasy!

I knew a lot of people probably don't get the chance to enter the main stage because they only let those people with tag enter the main stage. To be honest, I was a bit frustrated because I think that everyone should share the stage events, how can they not allow people to enter the main stage? And when I was in the hall, there was still a lot of space in the hall. More people should come and witness the history and future of Final Fantasy!

Managed to take a video for the history part of Final Fantasy... Please do enjoy the video.

I was so touched when the music started to play. It was so nostalgic and I just felt like crying. Final Fantasy game series were part of my childhood. My sister and I like it so much and the first game we played was Final Fantasy 8. I also remembered the time when she and I played Final Fantasy 9 in Japanese version and the character I like the most was Vivi.

Although I didn't play the Final Fantasy 1 until 6 but I'm a fans of Final Fantasy 7 to 13. Everything about Final Fantasy was awesome. Even now, I still playing FFX-2 on PS Vita. Planning to play FF X too.

Thanks to Shinji Hashimoto, the Game Producer for this awesome presentation of FF History!

As for the Future of Final Fantasy, there were 2 titles which will be released in this year. If you were a fans of FF, you definitely knew which two title that I'm talking about now.

The first title, Final Fantasy Type 0 HD.
As showed in the above trailer, this title will be available on March 17, 2015 which will be available for Xbox One and PS4 console. So if you are interested, you can place your pre-order right now. If I remembered correctly, those who place pre-order for this title will get a demo version of FF XV. 

 And the second title, Final Fantasy XV.
To be honest this is one of the game that I'm looking forward, I hope that they will release this title in this year although the release date is not yet confirm. 

So, Wan Hazmer, the Lead Game Designer for FF XV also showed us a video during the presentation. During the presentation, he showed us around one of the town in FF XV using a NPC Doggy. As you can see from the video, the town was basically more focus on culture aspects.

He also mentioned that Malaysian food and drinsk were in the game too. For example like Roti Canai, Satay and Teh Tarik. 

One of the famous scene in FF XV.

The artwork of the town.
And for another specialties of this game, you need to camp in order to level up. Since this game was kinda like a vacation game, so you to camp during the game night time. FF XV will have Day and Night in the game. One day in the game is equal to 60 minutes and Daytime and Nighttime will be divided into 40 minutes day and 20 minutes night.

I guess that will be all for the Square Enix presentation and sharing. Hope you all will start to look forward to these 2 game titles. lol. I'm a FF fans so I definitely will support these titles. I like everything about FF! Always support!!! (*Fans mode on*)

Thank you for your time and I hope you all like this post.

That's all.

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

For My Special One

This post is specially dedicated to someone special...



实在beh tahan 他。