Monday, October 20, 2014

Comic Fiesta Mini 2014

Hello people~
Today have to blog about Comic Fiesta Mini 2014 which held on 27 - 28 September at Penang Times Square

Since it was at Penang, I decided to take a flight there with my sister and brother. I decided to attend this year Mini CF was mainly because of the guests. Well, let's just go on with my Mini CF experiences.

This year, I was fully anticipated for the whole event, expecting it to be awesome but... it was just average for me. The location of the event was small, it obviously can't fit all the crowd there so that was the one point I dislike about the event. The other issue was, very less amount of stuffs and booth. So basically there was nothing to see but only the guests.

Since i didn't get any chances to speak or meet the guests, I took the chance to walk around the event area. But sorry to say that, there was actually nothing much to see though.

This could be the best thing I saw during the whole event, but it was hidden somewhere at the corner and I nearly didn't see it. So much cuteness and it was pretty.

The next best thing of the event was this printing on the floor. You will saw a very 3D image if you watched it from certain angle. It was good to have this kind of thing around for people to see and take photo. Thumbs up for this.

There were also a some paintings and illustrations from artist too.It was exhibited on a small section of board and it could be easily spotted if you walked by it.

Noticed some dolls at a booth. Always attracted by them because they are pretty.

They always look good in every photos.

The doujin booths for the day.
People were busying selling things and buying things. Actually I bought some stuffs from some of the booths too as souvenir for my bf.

Too cool for me not to take a photo of it. 
This Iron Man just simply awesome.

Miyuko when at her very own fans meeting. 
She was busy signing autographs for all her fans.

I saw Angie, Ying Tze and Misa during the Cosplay Competition. 
They were judging the competition with a very serious look in this photo. lol.

Again, I saw them posing for photos.

Pretty Angie.

Cute Misa don't wanna let go of the panda, Michael because it's too cute.

Took photo with my brother.

And my sister.

Again my sister and her friend.

This put me to a thought... 
Why cosplayer wanna cover his face when I took a photo? lol.

Well, these were basically what I have for the Day 1 Mini CF. not much though but it was just a simple experience for me. And I only went for Day 1... so I'm sorry to say that I will not be updating about the Day 2 Mini CF. 

As for what i think about the whole event, it's not what I was expecting and it was just average for me. However, I was happy to see more and more people cosplay as the character they like and I wish to see more people loving anime, manga or games. lol. 

I will be attending MGACE  for this coming weekend too. Hope to meet more people there and take a selfie. lol.

That's all for my update.

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Ridley's Diary [5]

Hello people,
It's October...

When i saw my last month updates... I was shocked. Never thought that i only update 2 blog posts for September. I guess September was a busy month though. lol.

Although it's only 30 days in September, it feels like a hundred days though. September is the month for my life's turning point. Finally I graduated from university and start seeking for job. Throughout all the process, finally I found a job. It was an exhausting month by attending interviews and doing part time jobs. But i overcame it, so I think I'm actually doing quite well for now.

For most of the September, I spent most of my time with my family. I tried to stay at home as much as I can before i start my new job. Arranging my timetable to prepare for my new job. Basically for the beginning 2 weeks of September, I was arranging and adjusting my time for my part time, and rest more before I start working.

September was also a happy month because my sister finally went to her dreamland, Japan. She won one of the competition and she was invited to the Tokyo Game Show. I wonder when I can travel to Japan...Japan is my dreamland Maybe I should start saving money...

Last week I also traveled to Penang with my sister and brother just to attend the CF Mini event. However, the overall event for me was just average. I didn't actually meet any of the guests and the event venue was to small for the crowd. I could only see people and people again. I think they should improve more on the venue, it's too small for such a big crowd. That was the reason why I only went for one day instead of two days.

For the last day in Penang, I managed to travel around Penang, thanks to my aunt. She was bringing us everywhere to explore more on Penang. There's lot of difference compared to my last visit to Penang. I managed to rent a bicycle and cycling around some Penang area with my aunt, grandma, brother and sister. It felt good to be back to Penang.

After back from Penang, I started to work again. Working life is a bit lifeless to me because it was just  repetition for me. I don't actually have time for myself to do my own stuff. I still not really used to my current working life and I was exhausted for the first week of work. Since I was not a morning person, I found it hard to woke up early and went to work for 5 days non-stop. But somehow now, I'm able to get used to it. 

That's all for my monthly diary's update. Since it's just the beginning of October... There's nothing much to talk about this month yet. 

October...Please be good to me!

That's all.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ridley's Diary [4]

Hello people!
It's me again after abandoning my bloggie for almost 2 weeks. lol.
It's time to blog again...

Time flies, it's mid of September now. For the past few weeks, i literally just chilling at home, going out for part time job and that's it for my everyday life. Even though it might sounds like i'm very free, actually going for part time job is kinda exhausting but it's better than doing nothing right?

If you read my previous post, you should noticed that I'm actually quite miserable about my future at this stage. I just graduated from my uni and i'm actually searching for job for the past few weeks. No people guide me how to carry on my life, and no people guide me on how to get a job. I was so lost on everything. I was thinking a lot of my future, about the thing i should do and how is my life going to be. But none of them work out the way i should be unless i try to step forward.

In the past few weeks, i was so not in the mood to blog because there was a lot of things bothering me. Going for job interviews were exhausting too. Everyday i was repeating the same things and my weeks just past so fast.

I should be thankful because finally i can see that my life getting better now. No more worries and miserable. Finally i got to step forward and continue on my journey. 

So I actually tried to spent more time with my friends and family before the busy life.
I tried to sleep more at home especially today, lol. Trying to regain all the sleep i lost for the past few weeks. It's great to be in holiday and rest whenever i want for the day. lol. 

Decided to went out for a movie with my sister too, which is not the usual thing i did in my life. lol. I seldom hang out with my sister and that's the very impromptu plan to watch the 'As Above, So Below'. Since no one wanna watch with me and both my sister and i wanna watch it so badly, we bought the tickets. lol. There's not many places showing this movie, so we have to go all the way to Times Square for this movie. It was a good movie for me, but i dislike the filming style, it makes me dizzy.

I also went out with my cousin and sister for a dinner. Long time didn't meet my cousin although she lives nearby my house. Having Korean cuisine on that day and chit chatting a lot to catch up all the stories we missed for all these time. 

As for my boy, finally having a proper date after so long time. We don't usually date each other so it was a very rare event for me. We only meet if we have the reason to meet each other such as, need him fetch me to some places, for work or events... We don't actually date like going out together for movies, shopping or anything. Since both of us live too far away from each other, we just don't date so often. And now, since we both going to start working soon, i guess our dating time will be even shorter or perhaps, don't even have the time to hang out also. lol. Sure i will miss him a lot from now onwards. (T.T)

That should conclude my blog post for now. lol.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

It's September!

It's not a diary or any review post. I just wanted a place, a platform to write down my thoughts, and i can't look for another platform better than blog to do this.

Graduated from college last month... It might seems like a good event, but it looks scary to me. Everything that I used to be ended on that day. Everything have to start fresh and it's the time to finally step into the reality. Although i went for a trip after I settled up everything with my studies, still deep in my thoughts i knew, sooner or later, i will have to face the reality.

People kept on telling me to enjoy my life before start working, but i knew it was a bit impossible for me to do that. Without money, everything is impossible though.

I struggled, since young age, to be able to earn my own money and feed myself with it by doing a lot of part time jobs. Even myself also cannot understand how i cope with everything without even dying halfway. However, now, it's the time for me to hunt for a new job.

It's not that i don't have a job now, but i just wanted a new environment to learn more.

Graduated from college, it's just scary for me. Things became different because the previous goals were completed. New goals formed in my life, and i just have to start all over to achieve it. During the past few weeks, i was totally lost. I don't know what to do, what should i do and what i will do. I just totally lost in everywhere. I once have a dream, a dream to have my own career that i'm passionate towards it, but there's still a long way to go until i reach that dream. No one tell me what to do, and how to achieve everything. Of course i know i will fall at somewhere, but i wish i have the courage to stand up again.

Life is just so miserable when things changed but I should accept the change and continue on my journey.

Last month was a hectic month, buried by all the part time jobs. Still i survived!

September... Please be good to me.

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Krabi Trip [Part 2]

Hello people!
Here comes the part 2 of my Krabi Trip!

It's actually for Day 2 in My friends and I went for inland tour instead of going out to the sea. Krabi is not an island, it's an area near the sea, so there are a lot of inland places for tourists to visit. If you all went to Krabi before, you should know few of the popular tourist spots for inland tour.

Since we don't have transportation there, we actually went for one day inland tour. There were a lot of package choices for the inland tour, it's up to you to choose which is the best tour package for you. For my friends and I, we chose to visit Hot Spring, Emerald Pool, and then go for the Kayaking.

The Hot Spring Waterfall is consider very popular tourist spot. It always crowded with people during the peak season. It's actually a small hot spring waterfall and of course people can swim or enjoy the hot spring as long as they want to.

We consider kinda lucky because when we reached the hot spring, there's nobody there because it still early.

Since there's nobody there, means we can take a lot of photos without having stranger photobomb behind when we take photo. lol.

the environment there at the hot spring waterfall was nice and peaceful. It's so special to have a small hot spring waterfall in the middle of nowhere which is only full of trees. lol. We didn't stay for a long time because other than playing with hot spring water, there's nothing more we can do. lol.

The next destination was the Emerald Pool. I went there before with my family and the color of the water was so nice because it's in blue green color. (The water also very clear.) Thus, i was very anticipated to be there again.

However, if we wanna see the pool, we have to walk quite a distance. There were two roads to the pool, you can choose the longer road which is 1km, or the shorter road which is 800m. (If i remember correctly..)
And all of us were crazy enough to take the longer took us like 20 minutes to reach the pool walking in nowhere.

Michael, my friend, taking photo on the way to Emerald Pool.

Although the road was never-ending, the scenery nice! How come the water so crystal clear one...

Kc, my boy, taking photo by posing his signature pose.

Accidentally passed by this pond and it was so clear until the water appeared to be like transparent. As you can see from the photo, it looked like water and grass right? Actually there's a layer of water above the grass too, but it can't be seen from the photo. Amazingly clear pond water.

After a long long walk, finally reached the Emerald Pool. The water was still as clear as before. The best part of it was, people can swim and play in the pool. Nice right?

Photo credit to Max Chu.
When we were in the pool! 

After playing in the Emerald Pool, my friends decided to explore further more to search for the Blue Pond. I never been to the Blue Pond before, because it's too far away. But this time, we managed to reach the pond.
Blue Pond!
It's so pretty! It's so blue! It's so clear!
However, we cannot play in Blue Pond because it's very dangerous. It is not open for people to play in the pond because the bottom of the pond was a huge quicksand area.So beautiful yet so dangerous. We tried to clapped our hands because whenever we clapped hands, there will be bubbles coming up from the pond.

It's a must to have a photo with the Blue Pond.

After the Blue Pond, we went back to hotel and then prepare for the Kayaking. At first i thought Kayak was kinda easy because normally I did it at pond or near seaside. But for this time... It's so challenging and tiring because it's my first time Kayak until the middle of the sea and into some mountain alley, or cave or wherever it is... Since i not a very sporty-of-type-girl, i didn't really workout or play any sports too, so... you can imagine the whole Kayak thingy was kinda like a never-ending nightmare to me.

Things didn't really work out during the whole Kayaking session because:
1. I don't have energy to actually row...
2. My boy don't know how to Kayak...
3. It's very tiring and need a lot of energy and effort.
4. I feel like dying halfway.
5. Weather not really good and the wave was so big until i cannot control the Kayak.
6. Kinda argue with my boy because we cannot co-operate at all.
7. The worst was, we always fell behind from the team.

"Give Up & Turn Back" appeared few hundred times in my mind at that time because i was so not in the mood and i feel like hitting people. lol.

However, i still bear with everything and tried to catch up with others. I knew my boy was tired, but me too... The tiredness is double for me since he is a sporty-type-of-boy.

The whole scenery was awesome when we enter some areas which i dunno where is it. It lifted my mood a little and i was so into all the beautiful scenery. 

Stop by a small beach at the back of an island just to see monkeys. lol. Finally got some rest before heading back by Kayaking. Not a great experience for me but it was my first time Kayaking with my boy. lol. 

That's all for my Krabi Trip Part 2... There's still another part coming up soon!

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