Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ridley's Diary [7]: Achievement!

Welcome to my own boring diary's updates~ lol
I think I kinda achieved something recently, so I really really really wanna post about it in my bloggie, just to make it a memorable achievements. 

I'm not a 'exercise-person' because I don't like to sweat a lot and I'm very lazy to move when comes to exercise, Previously in my life, whenever I went to do some outdoor activities which required my body to exercise, I will suffered for muscle pain. So I was kinda reluctant to do any exercises whenever I think about the effect afterwards.

However, maybe I grow older, I suffer for another problem...
My boyfriend was laughing at me regarding this problem for more than a month...

After a month of laughing from him, I seriously BEH TAHAN LIAO!
So I made a decision then...which is I wanna go to gym for exercise and lose weight so I can show off to him.

Just to be honest, I never go to gym before because I thought I was fit enough, lol. But now, no choice, have to go and lose some fats.
A photo after exercise.
I can guarantee you all that this photo is a super rare photo because it was my first time working out at gym. I was a bit shy and scared at first because I seriously don't know what to do there. I was staring at the machine and have no idea on how to operate it. I bet people there sure laugh at me because I looked super blur at that time. But, thanks to my courage, I dare to asked a lady next to me. Luckily she told me how to use the machine there.

I got no photos during exercises, so I will just post my own selfie photos. Have been exercising for continuous three days. For me, it was a great start and a huge achievement for this year. Hope I can continue on and be more healthy in the coming future, lol...

Of course, I did enjoyed eating also, but only during the lunch hour, I tried not to eat too much from this week onward, because I will gain more weight. For breakfast, normally I will eat biscuits or bread. For lunch, it will be normal portion of food. But for dinner, I will cut down the portion.

It might  be difficult to be on a healthy lifestyle... because it requires more effort and a good habit. But I will try my best to carry on. Already made up my mind to lose weight now by having a more healthy lifestyle.

Stay healthy everyone.

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Friday, July 10, 2015

ONEderful Annivesary @Main Place Mall

Hello people~
Today again with another event's update from the neighborhood shopping mall... Main Place Mall @ USJ21 on 27th June.

I was surprise when I got the invitation to their ONEderful Annivasary celebration. Thanks Main Place Mall and Seeties for the invitation, thanks for making me a happy girl on that day.

I was managed to reach in time to witness the cake cutting ceremony. 
All the management people were on stage to celebrate the anniversary together.

Even the host of the day was happy and excited about the cake cutting ceremony. 
There was also a birthday song sang by guest during the cake cutting session.

I was taking the last opportunity to pose for a photo on the stage.
Their mascot is at the stage background setup, the cat~

A group photos with all the bloggers and the event PIC.

Another group photo on the stage.

First time meeting Audrey in person after such a long time. 
A very friendly lady. :)

And a photo with the PIC, Yvonne.

Thanks to my boyfriend for being my driver and photographer that day.

Main Place Mall has a lot of food restaurants.
I was very surprised of that because their underground floor is packed with various food restaurant.
Ended up my boyfriend wanted to try noodles from AK Noodles House because he saw it somewhere else also. Well.... the noodles was not bad.

Happy girl is happy girl for that day!
I got some vouchers from Main Place Mall to spend on the outlets in their mall.
Super happy because I also got a goodies bag too!
Well, it's time to start shopping!

Started shopping at UNIQLO.
Keep on browsing all the items available and grabbed the one I want and tried it on.
Spent quite some times there because I need to spend wisely. lol.

Ended up bought some things for my boyfriend.
As for me, I got a T-shirt and a dress.
Very satisfied for my first purchase on that day.

After that, we went for some groceries!
I was so happy that I was able to spend the voucher on groceries.
Keep on taking all the foods and stuffs and put into the trolley.
We walked around and kept on taking whatever we need.
Stocked a lot of coffees!

Extremely satisfied with all my purchase!
Felt like I spent wisely for the day!
Even my mom also happy for me because I bought something for my house.

Personal thoughts:
I was so thankful for the invitation and goodies. Thanks for the vouchers given and I think I spent very wisely and I bought a lot of things with that, very satisfied. All the management staffs and PIC treated us well too and they are very friendly. The whole event was very flexible and relax. I really did enjoyed the whole shopping experience there! Truly a neighborhood mall with everything the neighborhood needs. It was a good place to shop with family during the weekend.

Please do visit Main Place Mall if you live nearby.

For more information:

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Monday, July 6, 2015

C2Age 2015

Hello people!
June was such a eventful month and I actually went to few events and one of it was C2Age!

Thanks to C2Age, I got the opportunity to attend the event and took loads of photos! 

As for this year, the venue is a little bit far for me because it was held at HELP International School on 6th and 7th June 2015. As you can see from the photo above, it's only a part of the crowd, there's more people in the hall and canteen.

Event Hall

Let's take a look at the hall first because it was the first place I went after I reached. lol.

There were a lot of doujin booths and merchandise booth. I was kinda surprise to see booth selling figurine, especially gunpla. Although it's not a big booth, but good try though. 

Some figurine exhibition happening on the event too.

The amazing part was this display.
Super gorgeous and awesome. The train can even moved.

Not to forget there was a stage event happening at the time I reached.
Kisaki Urumi and Ashley were on the stage having fans meet and some Q&A session.
Captured this funny photo when Ashley was laughing.

There always a posing session for the guests. 

How cute are them...

Outside the Event Hall

After the stage event, I went outside the hall to meet my friend.
If you went there, outside the hall was the booth for 501st Legion.

There's where I met this cute cute cute huge Rilakkuma!
I remembered I met this Rilakkuma at last year Comic Fiesta,

Thanks to Mr.David, I got the chance to hold this very pretty and cool lightsaber!
Wanted to strike a cool pose with it but I was too shy to do it by myself. lol.

So if you are a Star Wars Fans and you wanna join them, here's the right place for you guys!
They even showed me the badge they have. 
Just for your knowledge, all these are the official badge from them. 

I even tried on the helmet, but it was too big for my head.

Met my friend, Mr.David in his officer costume from 501st Legion.

Met the boss of C2Age and I finally strike a cool pose together with him and the lighsaber.

Met Captain America!

If you all are wondering what is 501st Legion... here's what I got from their website.

"...The Legion is an all-volunteer organization formed for the express purpose of bringing together costume enthusiasts under a collective identity within which to operate. The Legion seeks topromote interest in Star Wars through the building and wearing of quality costumes, and tofacilitate the use of these costumes for Star Wars-related events as well as contributions to the local community through costumed charity and volunteer work..."

There are in Malaysia too, ask and join them if you are interested!

The Guests

An event must have their very own-specially-invited guests to draw the crowd to their events!

Angie and King from Taiwan.

Kisaki Urumi from Japan.

Ashley Gosiengfiao from Philippines.

Saffron from Hong Kong.

It was a surprise when they announced that all their fans can selfie with the guests and get an autograph from them. Therefore you can see how crowded is it when all the fans queuing up to get on the stage to meet their cosplay idols.

Personal thoughts:
The venue of the event was bigger than previous year, however it was further away from my house also. So it was kinda tiring traveled all the way there. However, the event turned out to be better than I expected. Compared to some events, C2Age gave more freedoms to the attendees, which made everything less restriction and fun. The large area in the school also gave a lot of space for photographer to take photos, but it was under the sun and rain. lol. I liked the way they allowed the crowd to have more interactions with the guests, I guessed that was the thing that all the attendees wanted...To interact with their cosplay idols. The most amazing part was they allowed us to selfie with the guests without any restriction, Nice!

That's all for my updates on C2Age 2015, will attend again next year.

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Love Relationship

Today's topic will be slightly different from the previous post as I will be talking about Relationship...for LOVE~

I was motivated by reading through all the articles about love and relationship on social media platforms, therefore I am here to comment a bit on all the relationship thingy based on my opinion and point of view.

* Don't worry, there will not be a lot of photos in this post as I don't want to ‘闪到你们的眼睛’. lol.
Based on all the readings recently, I have concluded the 5 main important needs? to keep a relationship going well.

1. Happiness

I guess every couple should be happy instead of sad and angry when be together including me and my boy... There will be no point to continue on a relationship if both of us are not happy. In order to be a happy couple, both have to have the ability to make each other happy such as, by telling jokes, by giving presents, by going out together and so on... So the relationship won't be bored as time goes on.

2. Comfortable
This came in as a second place in my list because for me, I wish to be comfortable when I'm with my boy. I want to be the real me instead of acting the flawless me in front of my boy, which I think it will be super exhausted. I have read some cases which the boyfriend never see her girlfriend's naked face and that's so ridiculous. I can't imagine I'm with makeup all the time when I'm with my boy, that is so not comfortable. It's better to be yourself, your boy/girl love the real you, not the fake you. If they only look at your fake side, it's better to stop the relationship.

3. Trust
Trust between each other is very important. Who wants a girlfriend/boyfriend that keep on suspect you when you are not together with him/her. It's very tiring to have doubt on each other for a long period. Doubting each other brings no good to the relationship. It only worsen up when days pass by. So it's better to build up the trust in your relationship, so the love will stays strong.

4. Tolerance
Tolerance is a must in a relationship. Of course you can have your win-win situation, but not all the time. Sometimes, when it comes to argument, one side have to be tolerance. Of course when your boy/girl apologizes, the other half should understand instead of continue on the arguments. Sometimes, a little bit of tolerance can calm certain arguments so that it will end in a good way.

5. Don't be over-control
Most of the couples always complained the other half being over-control to their life which causes them to have lesser freedom. I've met this issue few times before, being restricted to do what I like and it makes me so frustrated and annoyed. Even your girl/boy have their own hobby, so just let them be... Don't restrict them from doing what they like so that can have more time to accompany you. Just to be true, being too sticky or dependent to each other will make each other suffocate too. Try to have your own personal time to do your own things, so you can have your own freedom.

For me, these 5 elements will definitely strengthen the relationship.
It's not an easy things to achieve because it needs the efforts from both sides.
However, if you can achieve the 5 elements, will be a great achievements in your relationship.

That's all from my updates.
Apologize for super long and wordy updates. lol.

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Acme Bar & Coffee at The Troika

Hello people!
Today's post is a bit different from the common one...because it is a food review post!

I visited Acme Bar & Coffee at The Troika recently with my colleagues and I think I should share it with you all because the restaurant is so nice and pretty. Of course the food are nice

It's a casual dining restaurant near KLCC area in the Troika building. I have to say that their interior design was super stylish and high-classy. This place is definitely a must-go-try-one-time restaurant for everyone.

I visited there twice during my lunch hour. If you want me to comment about the menu there, well... it is a bit pricey compared to other restaurant but it worth the price.

I had this meat pie with stuffed beef inside during my first visit. You might think that the portion was so-so by looking at the photo, but the portion was actually very big. Don't look down at this meat pie, you might not be able to finish it. It was a pie with stuffed beef inside and a mashed potato as the topping of the pie. Other than that, they also decorated the dish with some mushrooms.

I kind of cut it just to show you the content inside the pie. It's recommended for those people who are extremely hungry or can eat a lot. If you are a light eater, please share it with your friends.

The next one!
Scallop Pasta/Spaghetti.
I was so surprised looking at the huge scallops which came with the pasta, It was rare to see such a huge scallops in my lunch menu. As for this dish, the pasta came with 5 huge scallops and vegies. It' was a lighter dish compared to the meat pie but it also came in a big portion. 

If you notice...I didn't introduce any drinks because...I need to save my stomach for the dessert!
As recommended by my colleagues, I should try the Sizzling Brownie! And so did I...Ordered the dessert immediately after the main dish.

It was a brownie which was placed on the hot plate with a Oreo ice cream on top. A lot of people might think that the ice cream will melt in a very short time

After the dessert was served on table, the waiter will pour the chocolate cream on top of the brownie. The chocolate was boiling on the hot plate!

After the smoke gone, you will see the chocolate sauce was boiling on the hot plate with sizzling sounds. Then you may enjoy your dessert. It was a perfect combination between the ice cream and the brownie. Of course altogether with the hot chocolate sauce.

Personal thoughts:
It is a good place for gathering and dinner with friends and family. Good environment, good interior design, cozy, comfortable, relax... And it's even better with good food and drinks. Although I didn't manage to order any of the drinks yet, I will try one of it soon during my next visit. 

For more information:
Address: The Troika, Persiaran KLCC, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia

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