Monday, April 4, 2016

Backlog: Comic Fiesta 2015

Super backlog post as you can see from the 'Year' I wrote for the title of this blog post.
It was so backlog because I thought I lost the memory card that contained all the photos. I couldn't find it anywhere in my room and I was so scared that I threw it away while cleaning my room.
Luckily in the end, I found the memory card and retrieved all the photos safely!

As mentioned in the blog post title, Comic Fiesta a.k.a CF is one of the ACG events that I will definitely attend no matter what happened. Since many years back then, I've been attending CF in a yearly basis without failed. Yup, I've been watching and looking at how CF evolves to the biggest Malaysia ACG event over years. And for last year, it was held at MIECC (The Mines) on 19th to 20th December 2015.
It always a 'MUST-GO' year end event for me because the events date always fell at holiday season and I really like to go and be part of the event. Thanks to CF again, I managed to get the very precious media pass that enable me to walk around basically every place. lol. I don't think I utilized the pass fully because 2 days were too short for me to explore such a big event.

For the first day, I was actually late for the event because I never thought MIECC would be so crowded with cars. I was literally stuck in a traffic jam before the parking entrance for nearly one and a half hour. Therefore, I just quickly collected my pass and went for the stage events that I wanted to attend without any delay after arrived at the venue,
I was really interested at the talk about FF XV. Since last year, Wan Hazmer actually gave an updates on FF XV progress, art works, character designs and so on. And for this year, still he was giving updates on progress art works and some gaming features. Together with another guest, Hajime Tabata, the Director of FF XV, they told us the game will be out real soon in the coming days. Let just hope I can play the game real soon. lol.

Not only they talked about FF XV, they also talk about history, profiles and so on, which took quite some time. lol. At the end, they also offer some job position to Malaysian who was talented in gaming design, If you are interested in the job position, maybe you can visit their website or email them? :)

Just a random photo of me with the stage. 
Just to show you all how far I am, from the stage. 

Hang around the event area after the FF XV's talk. Totally clueless about where to go because the media interview session was a bit confusing and I could not find the right place at that time. Accidentally bumped into the signing session of Shimo and Reika.

I took a nice photo of Shimo when she passed the signed merchandise to her fans.

Reika also signing for her fans which queued up for quite some time.

Glad to see him on that day.
It was easy to look for him since he always nearby the Culture Japan booth.

Met Danny after a long time too.
It's always great to see him.
I'm one of his fans, have been following his blog since many years ago.
Always love the way he introduces Japan. 
I get to learn more about Japan through his blog.
Always support him! :)

A photo with my sister is a must-do thing during CF.
She didn't cosplay on 1st day, will see her in her costume on the second day.

My boyfriend, my sister and I.

I saw Koro Sensei outside the interview room!
I really like the manga, never thought I will see someone cosplay as Koro Sensei at CF.

After wandering around the event area, I finally found the correct room for the interview. I was confused with the timetable because some interview session was overlap. Not really happy about the media timetable because I cannot attend the other interview which I wanted to attend. And sometimes, I have to gave up interview session because I wanted to watch the stage events. It was a mission impossible to attend all the listed interview.
Barely made myself into the interview room. The interview have started and I was late for it. The moment I arrived, Xizhen was talking about her cosplay experiences. It was my first time to see Mang & G too. Actually...I didn't stay till the end of the interview too because I had something else to take care of...And I was sad.

Finally after rushing here and there, I had time to sit down at one corner and look at my tag,

Had a photo of my nerdy style OOTD.

Super nerdy.

The day will not be ended without attending the Night Jam.
I was here because of FLOW.

You can see how crowded is the audience,

My BF and I, waiting for the performance to start.

Opening performance by Pretzel Heart.
Violin performance was amazing.

Then the second performer, Raijin.

Met Mang & G nearby the stage area too.
They were there for FLOW performance after the day activities.

Met Shimo too!
She was too kawaii. Noticed her because she just stood next to me.

My BF and I again.
He was not that interested in all the performance.
But I insist to stay and watch the performance, so he was just there to accompany me.

The last performers was FLOW.
Sadly I could not take any photos because the staffs there warned me not to. I was so glad that I waited for their performance. They performed for almost one and a half hour, the night jam session became their mini concert all of the sudden. It was super amazing.

The second day of the CF 2015.
I was late as usual because of the terrifying traffic congestion. Since it was so jammed all the way to the parking, my bf decided to parked the car way far from the event area. So, I had to walk all the way to the event hall under the hot hot sun. Lolz.

First of all, rushed all the way to the interview session of Reika, Shimo and Jin.
Finally managed to meet them and listen to their interview session.
I managed to ask them 2 questions and they answered my questions professionally.
Really learned a lot from them because they have many things to share with us and their fans.

Hearing all the experiences shared by cosplayers from different countries is like... exchanging cosplay cultures and experiences at an international level.

Managed to ask them for a wefie photo with us.
(Ignore my nerdy face, and ilooksofatinthisphoto...)

After the interview session, I was too happy because my fangirl's goal accomplished by meeting the guest cosplayers at one time. Walking down to the hall again and automatically walked towards the Culture Japan Booth again. 
Decided to take a photo with the booth but ended up only can see my head and the big banner of the booth,

Met my cousin there.

Finally I took a photo with the smart doll.
Day 1 was too crowded to take a photo with the and I was rushing here and there.
Finally have some time to slowly walk around and have a look at the smart dolls.

1 Malaysia Smart Doll.
It was unique and it means something for me when I look at them.
Always like and admire what Danny did for all these year.

It was always a learning process for me by attending the CF events every year. By seeing how ACG events getting bigger and bigger each year, I feel happy for it because more and more people get to know what is it and participate in it. It's always good to see people sharing the same hobby and be passion of what's they are doing. Not to forget how much efforts they put in to make the events even better compared to the old days.

That's all for this post.

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Friday, February 26, 2016

Mentholatum Botanics

Hello people~

Firstly, I have to thank The Butterfly Project and Mentholatum Botanics for having me at their event which held on 30th January 2016, Saturday at 1 Utama.

Thanks to them, I had the opportunity to explore more about this brand new product series, Botanics, by Mentholatum.

I really surprised with the event area because the first thing I saw when I reached the event was the nicely decorated area with all the flowers and products and shelves and many other things.

I really like all the decorations there. It was so colorful and pretty. It also made my life simpler because I can take nice photo easily on that day. lol.

This will be the first wall poster? that fully summarized and introducde about the New Botanics. 
Botanics is actually a series of Face Wash and Face Mask that is truly inspired by the goodness of Nature from the Earth. Their very famous statement from Botanics 'Using the finest natural herbal essence ingredients to give you the best that only nature can produce.' 

For Botanics, Face Wash will be the main products in their product series.
When I was there, one of the staff were introducing Botanics products to some of the bloggers, of course I joined in and listened to it. SO basically, there were 3 types of Face Wash from Botanics.

1. Face Wash (100g, RM 14.90)
The Face Wash came in four different types.

1. Deep Cleansing Face Wash (Suitable: Oily/Combination Skin Types)
It's the dark green color tube. The main ingredients for it are Ylang Ylang and Tea Tree Extract as well as White Tea and Olive Tea that helps to balance oils, purifies pores to perform deep cleansing.
It also helps in preventing blemishes and black head. 

2.Hydra Whitening Face Wash (Suitable: All Skin Types)
It's the pink color tube. The main ingredients for it are Arbutin Bearberry and Agave. It can helps in enhance skin fairness and protect the skin against environmental harm. It cleanses the dirt, oil and impurities in skin while hydrating your skin by maintaining the water balance in skin.

3. Hydrating Face Wash (Suitable: Dry/Combination Skin Types)
It's the orange color tube. The main ingredients for it are Calendula and Jasmine as well as Aloe Extract and Violet. It can helps in rejuvenate dry, irritated and sensitive skin.

4. Pore Refining Face Wash (Suitable: Oily/Combination Skin Types)
It's the light green color tube, The main ingredients for it are Rosemary and Witch Hazel as well as Lentil and Green Tea which helps in minimize pores, control oils and fight acne.

2. Pump Wash (150ml, RM 21.90)
Pump Wash (the most left side)
The Pump Wash came in two types.

1. Deep Clean Face Wash (Suitable: Oily/Combination Skin Types)
It contains Ylang Ylang and Tea Tree Extracts as the main ingredients as well as Cucumber and Aloe Vera which is great help in moisturizing and soothing our skin. It also has Lemongrass scent which gives you a relaxing mood.

2. Moisturizing and Brightening Face Wash (Suitable: All Skin Types)
It is formulated with Rosehip Oil which is ricj in Vitamin C and Pearl Extract  to help in brighten the skin and improve skin's luminosity.

Foam Wash (160ml, RM 25.90)
Foam Wash (the most left side)
The Foam Wash also came in two types.

1. Oil & Blemish Control Foam Wash (Suitable: Oily/Combination Skin Types)
It contains Ylang Ylang and Tea Tree Extracts as well as Wild Pansy that are effective in curbing blemishes. There's also a scent of lemongrass which bring you relax mood during the wash. After wash, you will feel revitalized and refreshed.

2. Whitening Foam Wash (Suitable: All Skin Types)
The main ingredients are Aloe Extracts and Narcissus. It helps to moisturize your face and brighten up your skin tone. Of course the scent of Rose will make you fall in love with it when you are washing your face.

Sheet Mask (22ml/pouch, RM 6.90)
Not only Face Wash Products, Botanics also have their own Sheet Mask. The mask was infused with herbal essence and enriched with Hyaluronic Acids to repair and rejuvenate your skin. After a clean face wash, a sheet mask will be good to pampered ourselves after a long day.

The Sheet Mask will comes in 5 variants:
  • Aloe Vera Hydrating Facial Mask (Suitable: All/Dry Skin Types)
  • Pomegranate Anti-Oxidant Facial Mask (Suitable: All Skin Types)
  • Rosemary Pore Refining Facial Mask (Suitable: Oily/Combination Skin Types)
  • Roseship Oil Brightening Facial Mask (Suitable: All Skin Types)
  • Lavender Soothing Facial Mask (Suitable: All/Sensitive Skin Types)

Able to try on the Face Wash products during the introductory session. Not really see or feel the effect yet at that moment but the scent was nice, especially the Rose scent.

Each of the Face Wash products was introduced by the staff. Thanks to her, I could knew and learned more about Botanics.
They were also selling Botanics on that day during the event.

Nice decoration which attracted more customer to have a look at the products.

Even the sink was decorated with products and flowers.

After all the introductory session, there was a corner at the other side with different types of dried flowers. All the butterflies on that day were given a chance to select their preferred dried flower and made it into flower tea.

Super excited because it was my first time trying to make my own flower tea.
Since it was the first time, the biggest issue for me was I don't know what to pick for my flower tea.
Ended up I just simply picked the flowers that I thought was nice, luckily the end result was good. lol.

Tadaaa, managed to get my flower tea.

Before I end the post, I just wanted to let you all know that The Botanics series is available only at Guardian stores nationwide from January 2016 onwards.
So...if you want to know where to get it, visit Guardian. :)

That's all for this post.

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Monday, February 15, 2016

New Face of Chang Beer

Hello everyone~

Today what I’m going to talk about is a beverage which I think most of you will be very familiar with this brand – Chang Beer! Since it is a repackaging, liquid profile and packaging of Chang Beer is different from the previous Chang Beer.

Chang Beer
Most of the people should be more familiar with the previous Chang Beer’s design. The colour of the bottle was a classic amber colour and the shape of the bottle is a bit less contour and common.

Chang Beer
As for the new design, the colour of the bottle was changed from amber colour to a very fresh looking green colour. Even the side of the bottle cap was change to a champagne gold to show off its elegance.

The shape of the bottle is more elegant with nice contour which and gives a better hand-feel. The bottle’s colour changed was aim to attract more premium and younger drinkers.

Alcohol Level
If you all notice, the alcohol level has changed from 6 degree to 5.5 degree. By doing so, Chang Classic believes that the drink will be smoother and easy to drink by drinkers.

When and Where is suitable to get a bottle of Chang Beer?

It’s okay to have Chang Beer with friends during gathering or dinner. I decided to have the cold Chang Beer when I was having curry for my dinner the other days with my friends. It was good to have a beer after the spicy curry.

Occasional drinks
Chang Beer will be one of the alcohol beverages during some occasion such as Chinese New Year, Christmas and some other occasions. At friend’s house during some occasion or event or even party, you can easily spot the shadow of beers around. It will be great to grab a bottle of Chang Beer and chit chat along with friends.

Of course beer is only available to non-Muslims and those above 18 years old. Make sure during the occasions, all the drinkers are eligible for drinking. Lol.

Try it by yourself!
Make sure to grab one of the Chang Beer!

For more information about Chang Beer:
Official Website: Chang Beer
Facebook: Chang Beer

That's all for today's post.

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