Thursday, July 31, 2014

bloop Germ Blaster [Review]

Hello people!
Back from holiday and it's time to post up another product review!
The product for today's review is the bloop Germ Blaster!
Thanks to HiShop and bloop for sending me this product. I received the parcel at the beginning of July and the one i'm having is the grey color one, which is the Professor Germ Blaster. It is so cute with all the designs and it also came with another four designs.

It means, they have total of 5 designs and types for the germ blaster series.
  • DANCING GERM BLASTER Possess DANCEpower to bash the GERMS.
  • LOVING GERM BLASTER Possess LOVEpower to destroy the GERMS.
  • FUZZY GERM BLASTER Possess FUZZY power to slash the GERMS.
  • TRAVELLER GERM BLASTERPossess TRAVEL power to teleport the GERMS.
If you buy one set, it will comes with a free key chain and all the key chain are cute.

bloop Germ Blaster is an anti-bacteria hand gel, it is able to kill 99.9% of germs on our hands. There were ingredients and directions of use listed behind the bottle. You may enlarge the photo to view it.

If you look clearly, there were blue beads in the hand gel which helps in cleansing.

Pour or squeeze some of the hand gel out of the bottle to your hand and gently rub it on your hands. It's a bit watery at first but it will dries up and becomes non-sticky. As for the scent, it smells nice and not to strong.

Personal thoughts:
It's very small and easy to carry inside my bag or makeup pouch. I think it's very useful during travel because you can bring it basically to everywhere. About the killing germs part, i cannot really see it and show it up on my blog so i'm sorry for that. However, the things that i knew were, it was non-sticky, non-greasy and it smells nice. Frankly speaking, i'm not a person who can use hand gel or sanitizer often as it makes my hand palm sweats a lot. However, i did tried in on the back of my hands. If you are into hand gel or you are interested to get one, bloop Germ Blaster might be your choice.

1 bottle = RM 4.90
1 full set + key chain = RM 24.50 

Product link: 

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That's all for my review.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

3CE Cream Blusher [Review]

Hello people!
Sorry for not posting any updates recently as i'm very busy with my fyp, but it's all done for now! Finally i can say "bye bye" to my school life!

For this post, it's another review post for makeup product.
The product that i'm going to review is the 3CE Cream Blusher (#Coral Coral). I got this last month and i super in love with it especially the color of the blusher, this is the main reason why i wanna review it so so so badly. lol.

I bet most of the girls knew about this brand, it's very popular at anywhere especially when you are into Korean makeup products. The one i'm holding in the photo is the 3CE Cream Blusher! Although i didn't smile much in the photo but i'm extremely happy to have it. It's my first 3CE product!

Hohoho! The cream blusher. I knew i was a bit late to review this because a lot of people have reviewed it like million times on blog, video or websites, but still i want to review it!

So the cream blusher came with a container like those water paint container, it's very cute and the design was very simple. At first i thought :"waaa, the container so small in size, sure very fast finish wan..." However, i was wrong!

The cream blusher tends to be very durable because i only need a small amount of it, and the effect was super visible on my skin.

So this is the color of the #Coral Coral. It's a orange kinda color, the color was very pigmented and visible. The orange does gave us a natural look for everyday makeup.

After blend it by using finger or brush, the color became a very soft orange which is very cute and pretty.

I did not apply much on my face because too much of this color will make your cheek looks super orange red. lol. Little amount of the cream blusher is good to go for simple makeup.

Blusher is very important though for makeup, because it makes your face looks more youthful and lively instead of pale white face. And it's my first blusher in orange color instead of pink.

Personal thoughts:
It's very pigmented! Very nice color! Totally in love with it!
It's very suitable for daily makeup. With just a little amount of it, it already gives a very visible results on my cheek. The color was very soft in orange color which i think it's a suitable blusher color for summer makeup. lol. It totally worth the price because you can use it for a long period. If you wanna purchase it, you can buy it via online shops or their own official online shops. It costs $13.21USD, so it's about RM42++ . If you buy at some local online store, the price for it will be a little bit higher but it still affordable.

Below is the video review by me for this product! Please do support a bit! lol.
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Hope you like my video. ^^

That's all for my review.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Birthday

Hello people...
It's going to be a long long post~ lol...

When i was struggling with my final exam, in between the exam weeks, there was my birthday. I don't usually celebrate my birthday because it was always on exams week or assignment due dates. Ain't nobody got time to celebrate anything during that time. So for the year before this year, i was actually celebrating my birthday in a quite simple way, way too simple. lol.

I wasn't expecting much this year for my birthday because on my birthday morning, there was an exam. The day before my birthday, i was memorizing notes, studying slides and looking at computers. So it's kinda forever alone and i don't realize it was 12 am until my boy called me purposely to wish me Happy Birthday. lol. Very surprised that he made that call because i don't expect much. lol.

After exam, this boy...Kc, wanted to bring me to somewhere. I dunno what his planning because he didn't told me, i was thinking something kinda normal for birthday celebration. Then he suddenly ask me packed things because he wanted bring me to somewhere. lol. Without any further doubts, i packed my stuff and he started driving towards the place.

I was clever enough to guess where he wanted to go... lol...

His plan was quite... unplanned. lol. We reached the place too early and the sun still high up in the sky. Ended up we did nothing until the sun set. 

See, the sun bright till he can't open his eyes.

Too bright to be at the beach, barely open my eyes to take photo also.

Waiting and waiting for the sun set.
Where got people ask birthday girl to wait for sun set wan... lol...

Since it was so bored and nothing to do, decided to do weird pose at the beach.

Addicted to this weird pose.

Love the beach, so carefree, so nice, so relax.

It's so unreal that i'm at the beach in between of my exams.

Started drawing on the beach by writing things and stuffs. Always wanted to do so but i always forgot whenever i'm went to beach.

Drew a big heart shape with his name and my name.
I wonder why am i the one drawing... lol. So forever alone that kinda scene because a birthday girl drew it by herself. Suppose to be my boy drawing it laaa...

He suggested to did this. The best birthday present for me.

Love take 1.

Love take 2.

Since the big love was washed off by the wave. So i drew a small one for him again, the love was decorated by small stones. My lovely boy looked very handsome in this photo.

And he lied to me by saying wanna go take newspaper, ended up he brought newspaper and a surprised present for me. I was so surprised and dunno how to react at first.

Lovely present and letter by him.
He said i wasted his effort because he drew that "Happy Birthday" words for 2 hours and i just looked at it  for less than 5 seconds. lol.

Accidentally found this photo of me making sand castle...but ended up with failure. That's the present he gave me. He purposely put it nicely and took a photo.

Finally the long awaiting sunset! We waited for it for almost 3 hours at the beach. lol. Glad that my camera can captured the sun and me so nicely~ lol.

Trying to pose with the sun but kinda failed. lol. Still i love it.

I think birthday should be completed with cake, and i like a whole cake more than slice cake. lol. But no choice, he said he had no idea how to bring the cake along to the beach without letting me noticed it. So he can only bought me a slice of cake at Starbucks. Luckily he brought candle, if not i cannot even make wish. lol.

Looking at the one slice of cake. lol. How pitiful am i only got one slice of chocolate cake. But i'm happy. So shy because he sang the birthday song for so long time in different languages. Totally have no idea how to react at that moment, i was so too surprised.

Well, this was the happiest birthday for me. I appreciated for what he had planned and it was totally not what i had expected at first. It was far more better than what i thought and i couldn't express how happy am i by just typing. 

Thanks to him, for always loving and caring me, for always stand by my side, for always making me happy, for always be the one i love and be the one who love me for who am i. Thanks to him for always supporting me, for always be there when i need him.

Thanks to my parents for buying presents to me, my sister for buying 3ce makeup products to me, and brother for buying a watch for me. lol.

And i also wanna thanks all the people that remembered my birthday and wished me on my birthday, Thank you.

Last but not least...

Happy Birthday to me.


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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Egyptian Magic Cream [Review]

Hello people~
I'm here again for another review...and this is a product that i wanted to try out since long ago.
Thanks to Natta Cosme, i finally have the chance to try this product and review it on my blog!

So, the awesome product that i wanted to blog about is the...
Egyptian Magic Cream!

I have been reading a lot of blog reviews and comments about this magical cream, and mostly were positive comments about it. Some websites also stated that this cream was used by a lot of popular people such as singers, actors and so on. So now i have the chance to try it by myself too and i'm super excited.

So the Egyptian Magic Cream that i received was the 59ml bottle. For your information, it is a all purpose skin cream, which means you can apply it on anywhere on your body including your hair. 

The main ingredients inside the bottle are, Olive Oil, Bees Wax, Honey, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly Extract and Bee Propolis. (The thing that related to honey was always good, lol.) 

Natta Cosme was very kind to include an instruction to guide me on how to use the cream and the purpose of the cream. As it is a all purpose skin cream, you can basically apply it on anywhere on your body such as body, eyes, lips, neck, arms and legs. And i saw some people apply on their hair too! 

The cream is in pale yellow color, and it has no scent. It's not really creamy, for me i think it's more towards waxy type of cream. 

It's very easy to apply the cream, you basically have to take the suitable amount that you need to use, rub it on your palms until it takes the form of oil and...

apply it gently to your skin.

So the model for this post was actually my sister. I took her as example because she's having some skin redness on her face and i think the effect of the cream will be more visible. As you see in the above photo, you can see that her face condition was kinda bad. That's why i recommend her to use the Egyptian Magic Cream to see whether it works at the end and fix the redness of her skin.

Before applying the cream, she has some pimples and redness on her skin. (The redness might not be visible in the photo due to the light, i'm so sorry.) And her skin was not smooth due to all the small papules and whiteheads.

After trying the cream for 4 days, you can see the papules was gone and her skin was smoother. The most important point was the skin redness has reduced compared to the previous photo.

Comment from my sister, Chelses:
She thinks that the cream was amazing. She used and tried a lot of products but most of them does not have visible effects. She said that Egyptian Cream has cured her skin redness and she was satisfied with the result. She is amazed by how fast the cream cured her skin problems with just four days.

Personal thoughts:
I used the cream too for my skin. Although i don't have any major skin problem, i can see the effect of the cream by making my skin smoother and brighter. It's made of natural ingredients, which is a plus point for it. It surprised me when i saw my sister's skin condition became better after applied the cream. For me, i will definitely recommend it to all the other people.

Well, that's all for my review on Egyptian Magic Cream. 

Apart from the review, here's another good news for you all!

Three lucky readers that introduce by me will receive 2 sachets of Egyptian Magic Cream (3ml). Dateline to join this give away will be on July 15, 2014. The lucky readers' name will be announce on Natta Cosme Facebook on August 1, 2014.

All you have to do is fill up this form  by clicking the link: 

(The first question have to fill up with BLOGGER'S NAME (my name), follow by reader's details.) ^^

For more information about this products and Natta Cosme:
Instagram: @nattacosme

That's all for my review.
Please look forward to my next update!

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Unlock Secrets to Youthful, Enriching Lives From Within by Eskayvie

Hello people,
Here am i to blog about the event that i have attended last month.

On 31st May 2014, i have attended the Eskayvie Blogger Event, thanks to The Butterfly Project and Eskayvie for the invitation. It was a lovely evening with the knowledge sharing about beauty.

I was kinda late for the event because i was lost somewhere as i not really know the place, somehow i still managed to reach the event.
When i reached there, i was just in time for Dr. Syid Ayob Syib Mustafa Al Quadri's speech. He is the CEO of Eskayvie and he was there to share his knowledge about beauty personally. It was an learning opportunity for me because i wanted more knowledge about beauty. He was presenting in a funny way which made all of us laugh, it was a good presentation by him.

The whole event was actually focus on introducing two of the Eskayvie products.
The first one was the i-Qids. This product is more suitable for kids, but adults also can consume It basically helps promote growth and nervous system development. Of course there are many more benefits, however throughout the presentation, i knew that it helps to develop the brain, making kids stay stronger, healthier and smarter. It comes with chocolate flavor because they conducted a survey and found out that most of the kids and people prefer chocolate taste. Yup, chocolate is my favorite too~ lol.

The second product is Redianze. Based on the presentation and explanation by Dr. Syid, it is an advanced nutrition for both beauty and health. It basically helps to revive beauty by prevents wrinkles, sagging skin... It also helps to boost and enhance skin texture. Not only for beauty aspects, it also helps in restoring health. It also guarantee that we can see the effects in 90 days... hmmm.....

The happiest thing was, all of us actually got one box of Redianze and I-Qids in our goodies bag. So i can try out their product at home and see the effects.

For me, i personally more interested in trying out their I-Qids because it's in chocolate flavor.... which is my favourite. lol.

Okay, let's talk about all the bloggers i met there at the event.
Tammy and Bing Xin.
I hope Tammy recover soon~

Yuh Jiun



Really glad that i got the chance to join this event and learn so much about beauty. Once again thanks to Eskayvie for having us. ^^

For more information about Eskayvie:

Stay tuned for next update.

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